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Types of car insurance policies for private cars-

comprehensive insurance

Covers own damages sustained by the insured's car as well as damages incurred towards third party.

Third Party Insurance

Covers only damages incurred towards third party. Mandatory to drive any vehicle in India as per Motor Vehicles Act 1988.

standalone own damage insurance

Covers only own damages incurred by insured's car.
Suitable when third party insurance is already covered under long term insurance for new cars.

Essential Addons to protect your car-

Zero Dep

Zero Depreciation covers the entire cost of damages to parts of the car due to accidents, standard deductibles & exclusions applicable.

Engine Gearbox Protect

Covers the damages incurred to engine or gearbox of the car due to water ingestion or leakage of lubricants.

Return to invoice

You are compensated with the full On-Road price of new car, if the insured car gets stolen or is beyond repair.

24x7 RSA

Roadside Assistance includes services - Battery breakdown, Flat tyre, Towing, Ambulance, Spare keys, Fuel provision, Minor repairs, etc.

Tyre Protect

Covers cost of replacing tyres due bulge in tyre, bursting of tyre, cuts/puntures.

Key Lock Cover

Covers cost of replacing Keys or complete key-lock set in case of theft/loss of keys/damage to lock of the car.

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